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Master CDRE®

Chris & Jodi Gibbs, CDRE®

Northern Utah
Dwell Realty Group
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Chris and Jodi Gibbs are Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts™ operating in Northern Utah. Their career spans over 30 years combined. This extensive experience has equipped them with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in facilitating real estate transactions of various types.

Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs’s success is founded on a bedrock of unwavering commitment, transparent communication, unyielding determination, and a steadfast commitment to building trust with their clients. Their exceptional qualifications and impeccable work ethic led to their acceptance into the exclusive Certified Divorce Real Estate program offered by The Ilumni Institute, an accomplishment that only a select 10% of applicants achieve.

Together, they combine their wealth of experience and deep knowledge to navigate even the most challenging real estate situations. They offer their objective and neutral expert opinion in low and high-conflict divorce matters involving real property. Their extensive experience allows them to create impartial opinions on complex divorce real estate issues. Their partnership is a formidable force in providing expert guidance and support to individuals facing divorce-related real estate decisions.

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