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Master CDRE®

Holly Norman, CDRE®

Atlanta, Georgia
RE/MAX Center
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Holly Norman is regarded as a neutral third party in the sale of real property in family law cases. She is considered an expert among her peers in divorce real estate and has attained the esteemed Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert™ certification through the Ilumni Institute. Ms. Norman is an accomplished REALTOR who maintains ongoing recognition on national, state, and local levels for her achievements in the real estate industry. She draws upon her expertise in listing management, with specific skill sets in pricing and negotiation, to successfully support conflict resolution in divorce situations.

As a result of her specialized training, Ms. Norman has developed a keen ability to maintain neutrality and objectivity as an expert witness in family law cases that involve real estate matters. Her deep knowledge and experience in these complex areas of law enable her to provide professional and impartial insights that help her clients navigate the often challenging and emotionally charged terrain of divorce proceedings.

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