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Master CDRE®

Erlene Castaneda, CDRE®

Walworth County, WI & Surrounding Counties
Homestead Realty
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Erlene Castaneda is a seasoned Real Estate professional and Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE™), specializing as a neutral third party in the intricate process of selling real property in divorce cases. With expertise, empathy, and strategic insight, Ms. Castaneda navigates the complexities of real estate transactions within divorce proceedings. She understands the multifaceted challenges of marital asset division and provides tailored approaches for fair outcomes. As a trusted advisor and advocate, Ms. Castaneda guides clients through market analyses, effective marketing strategies, and negotiation in order to create seamless transactions. Certified as a Pricing Strategies Advisor, Ms. Castaneda optimizes property pricing for favorable outcomes. Her expertise empowers clients to make informed decisions, ensuring confidence and peace of mind throughout the divorce process. Ms. Castaneda supports clients by untangling intricate property settlements and helping clients make informed decisions about their real estate assets in both high and low conflict divorces.

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