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Rhonda Wood, CDRE®

Charlotte, NC
eXp Realty, LLC
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With over two decades of distinguished experience in the residential real estate sector, Rhonda Wood is a consummate professional renowned for her specialization in navigating intricate real estate transactions within the realm of Family Law. Holding the Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE) credential from the Ilumni Institute, Ms. Wood is a recognized authority in the adjudication and orchestration of real property transactions in divorce cases.

Her unparalleled track record exemplifies her ability to manage complex dealings, including those involving divorce and short sale listings, with a blend of tact, insight, and meticulous attention to detail. Ms. Wood’s analytical acumen ensures the delivery of impartial, rigorously objective assessments in diverse real property matters, applicable to both high-conflict and low-conflict divorce situations. In addition, she possesses a well- established history in the realm of luxury homes sales, having consistently demonstrated her expertise through a combination of meticulous market research, fostering personalized client relationships and implementing shrew negotiation strategies. Leveraging her comprehensive expertise, Ms. Wood serves as an invaluable resource for those requiring nuanced and strategic advice in the specialized domain of divorce real estate.

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