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Thomas McKnight, PA, CDRE®

Clemont, FL
Keller Williams
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Mr. Thomas McKnight is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE™) specializing in the sale of real property in family law cases. He received his certification as an expert from The Ilumni Institute. Mr. McKnight brings to the table a unique blend of military discipline and real estate acumen, drawn from 21 years of active-duty service in the US Army followed by 14 years in a civilian role within the Department of Defense. Over a distinguished 35-year career, Mr. McKnight navigated 22 relocations, 17 of which were with his family, including 6 home purchases. This extensive relocation experience has afforded Mr. McKnight a deep insight into the complexities and emotional challenges inherent in the real estate process.

Mr. McKnight’s mission is to simplify this journey, providing end-to-end support to clients through their real estate endeavors. Mr. McKnight specializes in managing both local and international moves, supported by a robust network of lenders, inspectors, contractors, and housing professionals, ensuring a seamless experience for his clients. With a track record of over $37 million in sales and more than 100 properties sold, his approach is founded on delivering outstanding service and results. His military background has honed his abilities to maintain composure under pressure, adopt an impartial stance when the situation arises, and implement systematic processes to achieve consistent progress, regardless of the task at hand. These skill sets enable Mr. McKnight to provide objective and neutral expert opinions relating to the sale of real property in both high and low conflict divorces. Mr. McKnight is recognized for his superior communication skills across all levels and his capacity to resolve challenging situations effectively, enabling clients to concentrate on their primary objectives.

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